what we believe 


  1. We believe God’s Word still has power to save and transforms lives; therefore we are committed to base all we do on the teachings of scripture. 

  2. We believe God desires to see every person saved in His Kingdom; therefore we are committed to be a people that put God’s kingdom and mission at the heart of what we do.

  3. We believe prayer is the key to success in ministry and in personal life; therefore we are committed to being a praying and worshipping community dependent on God and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

  4. We believe God is all powerful and that with His commission to the church He has also given power to do great exploits for Him; therefore we are committed to having big dreams and plans for ministry and will attempt great things for HIM.

  5. We believe living a healthy lifestyle that results in a mind and body that is best able to worship and serve God and the community; therefore we are committed to develop specialists in health and in providing health training to our members and the community so that they can serve HIM in and enjoy good health.

  6. We believe in using all our gifts to actively serve God and to minister to others; therefore we are committed to every member finding a place where they can exercise their gifts for the furtherance of ministry.

  7. We believe in the power of loving relationships as the greatest evidence of our Christian experience and witness; therefore we are committed to being a people who spend time in devotion to God and who as a result are full of the love and grace of God demonstrated by serving each other and the community in meaningful and tangible ways. 


The Oasis Seventh Day Adventist Church Wanstead