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Prayer is the opening of your heart to God just like you would to a friend.  Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him. We believe that prayer has the ability to transform situations. If you have a request click here.

health & wellness 

We think that a healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind and spirit. We are committed to sharing our values on health through seminars and workshops. Keep intouch if you'd like to know more about healthy living. 

young adult ministry 


21+ and living in London then come and join our young adults ministry. We are a small but growing bunch of young adults who are passionate about God. 

children & teens


We love children and believe they are just as important as any other group in our community. We have a dedicated team of people who prepare child and teen friendly services & activities. 

small groups


For some people, getting to know God intimately and building friendships in church can be difficult. For this reason we have smaller groups of people who meet during the week who share, study and prayer. If you'd like to join a small group contact us here 

bible study


The Bible is a captivating book known as ‘the Word of God’ having in store so many jewels, ready to be taken by those who dig deep into it. Also it has the answers to a variety of questions that humanity is seeking for. Is there a living God? If there is, how can I get to know Him personally? What’s my purpose in life? Is there anything after death?  And there are so many more other questions. The Bible has an answer to all of them? contact us 

Our Sabbath Worship Service

Every saturday 10.30- 1.30



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Wednesday Prayer - 7.30pm

Happy Children

Children's Church

12.30 - 1.15

Check out our Kids page

Food Blogger

Health & Wellbeing

We will update here with the latest Health programmes


Family Worship

11.00 -12.15

Our Saturday worship programme is online. Contact us for the zoom link.
Visit the covid19 tab for updates


Adult Bible Study

12.30 -1.15

Access the bible study guide online

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Our site will be updated with community events such as Sunday brunch, farmers market and small groups.

Revisit here for the latest info